Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Festive Ramadan

Ramadan; The most blissful and sacred Month for the Muslim Ummah which makes them learn to spend their lives with generosity, unity and humbleness , so become unpretentious and modest. Muslims around the world start preparations for Ramadan before its arrival by decorating Mosques, organize Iftar for poor. People use to welcome Ramadan by arranging Milad e Nabi SWS and other pious debut.

So do it’s welcomed in Pakistan.

There is only distinction which makes Pakistan different from the rest of the world and that is the rise in rates of EVERY STUFF.

When Christmas, Easter, New Year or any other occasion arrives in foreign countries, they use to display Sale and apply discounts on everything including food items to gadgets. But, in Pakistan on the arrival of Eid or Ramadan, the price of everything goes double and becomes out of reach of moderate person. The ordinary can’t dare to buy fruits, dates, Vegetables, pulses and every food item which is not a luxury but mandatory. Inflation is not restricted to only food items but it counts on every stuff including clothes, shoes, accessories, gadgets and petroleum etc.

This is not just a conspiracy but bitter reality which is exposed by the media through every medium while it’s not confined to the media but ordinary man is actually suffering from such misfortune; there is no hesitation to call it MISFORTUNE.

Being a Pakistani citizen and above all a Muslim, I protest against such brutal behavior which is behaved by none other than our own Muslim brothers.

According to Hadith Nabvi SWS: "A Muslim is the brother of another Muslim. He does not oppress him, nor does he leave him at the mercy of others." [Sahih Muslim].”


A: Girl can't do Istikhaara, in fact female can't do Istikhaara.

B: Where did you hear from? I never heard any hadith or reference regarding such issue.

A: An Aalim told us that female is not allowed to do Istikhaara and if she does, it's never authentic.

I need a clear understanding of mentioned issue with reference. Also, Quran and Hadith reference about Istikhaara.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011


"Baji safai karwani hai?"
"Sahab sheesha saaf kar doon?"

Children roaming around the streets and lingering on roads while knocking every car window, asking for cleaning the front shield or knocking every door in the street for every sort of usual tasks.

Are they slum or their poor living condition and circumstances are forcing them to do labor instead of going to school or live and enjoy the life as other children are adding value to their healthy life.

People use to allow them to clean the wind shield or clean the drive way or hedges but don’t bother to think about their future or giving them education and necessities of life. They just bother to take out their work by paying them 10 to 20 Rs and feel as their responsibility is concerned only to this point.

Number of slum children is increasing day by day and more roads are covered by them now. At the end of the day, they use to collect garbage and grass, fill them in their sacks and take them home. No one knows whether they will come tomorrow or be seen on the roads or one of them will die tonight by starvation.

Isn’t it our moral duty or ethical responsibility to consider those infants along with our own kids?

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Mind Everyone's Business, Do you mind?

We mind everyone’s business! That is the slogan of every person nowadays. To interfere and cast problems for others or to create fuss out of their situation is the capital right which is not granted to them but they have overtaken it by default.

The post is written specifically to bring up certain issues regarding property and construction which are not highlighted by governing bodies but civilians have been facing them since couple of years.

The cases which came across my sight are non ethical and illegitimate which severely affected the property owners but none governing body helped them to resolve.

Hajra; a widow wanted to sell his husband’s property after his death but unfortunately she didn’t have son to take care of the legal matters so she asked for help to her husband’s brother, cousins, her own relatives but no one stood up to support her, instead everyone tried to create hindrances for her. The property papers were missing which obviously her husband’s brother should have but he denied. Everyone wanted their part in the property without bothering where will she go empty handed with her daughters. After long struggle, ultimately she sold the property of 3,500,000 for only 2,300,000. Neither governing body nor court supported her, otherwise gave her illogical reasons or suggested her under table settlements.
From where did I collect enough amounts to bribe them so they help me regarding my legal issues? Hajra said.

Zarmeena; a widow without any male support is constructing a house but her next door neighbor is insisting to construct a wall of 4 feet adjacent to his home to make his home safe from damage otherwise she can’t continue construction though the construction area, map and every inch of land has been approved by the city government. The final report is clearly shown that the neighbor’s buildings are totally safe from every damage and the construction of Zarmeena’s house will not cause any smash up to the surrounding residences. Nevertheless, the next door neighbor is glued to his statement and not letting her to continue construction. Hence, she complained to the concerned city government but they are avoiding her and escaping to come to the table talk and resolve her legitimate matter without any undercover settlement. Otherwise, giving her excuses that they can’t help it as the problem creating person is not eager to leave his point of objection.
To whom do I complain if the law makers don’t have power to cease the unreasonable objection by ordinary man? Zarmeena said.
These are the only two cases which I brought in black and white, rest there are hundreds of such victims suffering from the careless and dead behavior of the law and order makers.

Names have been changed here to unexposed the true identity.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Photography is banned!

It is not surprising that our country is rich in cultural heritages and monuments which are not only the fuel to infatuate the natives but also to grab the attention of the tourists across the world. Fortunately, the entire world is turning around and showing the least interest any more in our heritage treasure due to various known reasons, among which the terrorism is the key point. The issue is severely affecting and dominating the positive parts due to its negative intensity and choking the curiosity of citizens as well.

I will not go far as my city also has few historical compliments but saddly can’t be praised and captured with the naked eye of camera due to the fear of caught by the security agencies in concern of relations with terrorist bodies.

Every person who is even least bothered about recording the attention seeking occurrences may find it threatening to take the photograph of any commotion or area. One can’t raise the camera and point towards any location of his interest because the people around will take him as belonging to some unlawful agency and complain to security persons or let him down by looking at him suspiciously which will eventually make him feel a suspect of some highly illicit activity.

A friend in the abroad asked to send snaps of the city as she was out of country since years but I couldn’t fulfill her request due to certain fears. Charge of terrorism will be instantly applied if caught red handed (Camera in hand pointing towards the concern area).

“Don’t take picture” sign board is placed visibly or invisibly at every point.
Cantt area, historical buildings, highways, government buildings, under construction area, private offices, food outlets, plazas, hotels, parks, squares and markets etc are prohibited to take picture. What is left?

Snaps of few famous areas were required for educational research work, so the assignment delayed because of no good reason but prohibition of capturing by camera. Ultimately the pictures searched on the internet and pasted in the assignment.

Despite of following all such proscriptions, still we use to call ourselves autonomous nation.